RF Wireless DIN System

RF Wireless DIN System

The A75x series offers simplicity and reliability in a point to point, multipoint or wireless mesh system. One A753 transmitter can communicate with multiple A750 receivers for redundancy. A repeater can be added simply by placing in between a transmitter and receiver, no programming is required. Three radio options are available: long range 900MHz 1W, 900MHz 50mW and 2.4GHz 63mW. In addition to transmission of the industry standard 4-20mA, our transmitters can directly process thermocouples, RTD and switch states. Up to 32 inputs may be transmitted with one transmitter when the A753 is paired with our A16000 expansion module.

  • A750 Receiver
  • A750-Mod (RS232/485)
  • A753 Transmitter
  • A759 Repeater
  • A753-PL Transmitter (pulse)
  • A750-PL Reciever (pulse)
  • A753-LP Transmitter (900MHz 50mW)
  • A750-LP Receiver (900MHz 50mW)
  • 35mm DIN rail mount
  • Standard 1W long range output, optional 50mW & 63mW
  • Removable 2.0dBi dipole antenna
  • DIP switch selectable channels
  • Signal Strength indicator
  • Repeaters available
  • No software required
  • Factory configured for your application
  • Remote 4-20mA installation
  • Redundant 4-20mA outputs
  • Temperature monitoring
  • Tank level monitoring
  • Remote switch monitor
  • Pulse transmission
  • Remote alarms
  • Rotating devices (e.g. kilns)
  • Temporary 4-20mA

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Model Specs Image (click for larger)
DIN Rail Wireless
DC Powered 4-20mA
Combining simplicity and functionality in an industrial point to point RF transceiver, the A750 receiver and A753 transmitter offer quick installation and reliable transmission of a 4-20mA, or temperature input using a 2 or 3 wire RTD or thermocouple and two digital inputs. RF channels are dip switch selectable, no computer is required for setup. Both the transmitter and receiver operate on +24VDC (+11 to 32VDC). 1 Watt of RF power ensures excellent distance and reliability in the harshest of environments. In RSSI mode the RF signal strength can be monitored. Operating at 900 MHz with industry proven frequency hopping spread spectrum maintains signal integrity and provides excellent transmission distance. The 900MHz version is also available with a low cost 50mW output. Optionally the 2.4GHz, 63mW DSSS (direct sequence spread spectrum ) version is available. Receiver includes two relays with normally open and normally closed contacts. Contacts are rated for 0.5A at 125Vac or 2A at 30 VDC. A third relay is used as an alarm while monitoring RF signal strength. If signal strength becomes inadequate alarm will activate. Both the transmitter and receiver are expandable utilizing AnaBus and the A0000 expansion modules. The modules allow expansion of both analog and digital I/O at the transmitter and receiver.   Analynk 750 & 753
DIN Rail Wireless
DC Powered RS232/RS485 Modbus RTUA
The A750-Mod transmits/receives RS232 or RS485 data 2-wire or 4 wire and can operate in Modbus RTU mode as a master or slave. The A750-Mod is available in three versions: 900MHz 1W, 900MHz 50mW, and 2.4GHz 63mW operating voltage is +24VDC (+11 to 32VDC).   Analynk 750 & 753
DIN Rail Wireless
DC Powered Pulse Transmission
The A753-PL transmitter and A750-PL receiver are designed to transmit a pulse of up to15Hz (inclusively) wirelessly. The pulses are recreated at the receiver as a 0 to 5V output pulse. The operating voltage for both the transmitter and receiver require +24VDC (+11 to 32VDC). These instruments are designed for short range transmission with line of sight, contact the factory for details.  Analynk 750 & 753

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