UL 508A Control Panel Design and Fabrication

UL 508A Control Panels

UL 508A Control Panels from Analynk

UL 508A is a technical standard for Industrial Control Panels. It guides the design and construction of the panel and specifies the standards and procedures for the design, construction, testing, and inspection of industrial control panels.

With UL 508A certification, you can be sure that your control panel complies with all applicable safety regulations. You can feel secure and demonstrate your dedication to public safety with an industrial control panel that complies with local and federal electrical rules.

Experience the Power of Safety with Our UL508A Certified Control Panels!

Are you in search of reliable, high-quality industrial control panels? Look no further! We are proud to announce our new UL508A certification, a testament to our commitment to safety and quality. Our UL508A certification means our control panels meet the rigorous standards set by Underwriters Laboratories, ensuring the highest level of safety and performance. This certification is recognized and respected across industries, giving you the peace of mind you need when it comes to your industrial control needs.

Why choose our UL508A certified control panels?

Safety: Our panels are designed and manufactured to meet the stringent safety standards of UL508A.

On-Staff UL508A Manufacturer Technical Representative (MTR)

A UL508A Manufacturer Technical Representative (MTR) is a person who is designated by a manufacturer to represent the company in its interactions with Underwriters Laboratories (UL), a global safety consulting and certification company. The MTR is responsible for ensuring that the manufacturer's products meet the relevant safety standards and requirements set by UL, and for providing technical information and assistance to UL during the certification process. The MTR may also be responsible for maintaining documentation and records related to the manufacturer's products, as well as for providing technical support and assistance to customers and other stakeholders. Overall, the role of the MTR is to ensure that the manufacturer's products meet the necessary safety and performance standards and are in compliance with relevant regulations and industry standards.

Contact Analynk with Your Control Panel Requirements

Analynk provides turn-key electrical control panels in adherence with UL508A to reduce your inventory management costs. Our In-house electrical engineering staff is available to assist in control panel layouts and designs from start to finish.

Analynk's in-house panel factory can create custom panels from scratch or upgrade existing control panels to UL safety standards. Because we use only the best components, our control panels provide built-in quality and the additional benefit of field serviceability, and each panel includes thorough documentation.

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